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Recent data indicated that the average person will change occupations as many as five to seven times over the course of their lives. Multiple studies have shown that people who are dissatisfied with their jobs experience more psychological distress and are more likely to develop a mental health condition, such as insomnia, depression, or anxiety. 

Career counseling services will help uncover who you are and what drives you. It helps you identify work you are passionate about and create a plan to make your career change a reality. The following are common focuses of our career counseling:

  • Job environment preferences 
  • Potential areas for growth 
  • Short and long-term career goals
  • Interests and personality type
  • Building the necessary skills for success

Navigating career decisions isn’t easy—in fact, it’s often very difficult. We want to help you through this difficult process. Whether you’re embarking on the very beginning of your career journey or looking for a new start. If career counseling is something you could benefit from, consider scheduling an appointment with us today. 

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