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    Health and Wellness Coaching

    At Tampa Counseling and Wellness, we believe in the profound benefits of holistic health. Health and wellness coaching can assist you in reaching higher levels of health and well-being by providing you with guidance and accountability. We work with clients to help them make positive lifestyle behavioral changes that support their health-related goals and general life concerns, from physical and emotional health, relationships, personal and professional development, finances, home environment, and spiritual growth.

    Health & Wellness Coaching can help you to:

    • Improve energy and focus
    • Prioritize self-care
    • Enhance sleep health
    • Lose weight
    • Reduce and manage stress
    • Manage chronic health conditions
    • Increase and maintain physical activity and exercise
    • Improve your relationship with food and/or your body
    • Develop healthier relationships
    • Create a healthy work-life balance

    Health & wellness coaching takes an integrative and holistic approach to health, thereby enhancing quality of life. We do not prescribe meal plans, exercise programs, or lifestyle regimens. We do, however, guide you to become an expert on your own well-being. We believe in empowering you to improve your health by providing a safe space to explore, discover, and uncover all aspects of your well-being.

    Health & wellness coaching is offered in-person, virtually, or a combination of both. We provide personalized, one-on-one coaching sessions. Contact us today to learn more and take the next step.