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    Spending years in the military will often make it difficult for many service members to adjust back to civilian life. For many veterans, military service can affect all areas of life, including relationships, family, finances, and career decisions. Serving in the armed forces can also have a big impact on a veteran’s mental and emotional wellbeing. We provide multiple services to our veterans and military service members to include:

    • Psychological evaluations for VA disability benefits
    • Treatment for PTSD
    • Substance use counseling
    • Relationship counseling
    • Career coaching

    Suicide and mental health issues are the most critical problems currently being faced by our nation’s heroes. Our team is familiar with the issues veterans and service members face, as well as the factors of military culture. Our team is trained under Dr. Garcia, a U.S. Marine who equips his counselors to work with the special concerns of service members and veterans. We specialize in working with issues such as PTSD, deployment stress, reintegration challenges, and relationship difficulties. Don’t let that “suck it up” attitude keep getting in the way of your happiness. Call us today to schedule an appointment.