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    Think Healthier Thoughts…with 1 text a day

    Digital mental health services, like BetterHelp and Talkspace have been on the rise for several years. There’s a new service that’s offering a different type of mental health support to users called Cope Notes. 

    Cope Notes is a digital subscription service that uses daily text messages to improve mental and emotional health. Their positive psychology-based, trauma-informed messages contain psychology facts, exercises, and journaling prompts that train the brain to think in healthier patterns. Each text is carefully crafted by peers with firsthand experience overcoming hardship, trauma, or loss. Then, they’re reviewed by a panel of mental health professionals before being delivered at random times to facilitate the formation of new mental habits, thought patterns, and neural pathways in the brain.

    Cope Notes may be a great supplement in addition to therapy. For more information visit the Cope Notes website: 

    Contributed by: Dr. Alisa Houseknecht

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