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Dr. Carlos Garcia

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I am a Licensed Psychologist who provides therapy and coaching to individuals looking to transform their lives. I completed my residency at Rutgers University and later received a doctoral degree from Nova Southeastern University in Florida. My area of expertise includes working with individuals who struggle with anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. I help my clients get unchained from their past in order to find the inner confidence to start living a more fulfilling and empowered life. My passion lays in helping others grow, heal, and create meaningful change in a space that feels warm and compassionate.

When not working with clients, I enjoy speaking and educating others on the importance of mental health and the benefits of overall well-being. I have a passion for public speaking and am often asked to speak to companies and organizations on topics such as stress management, how to increase motivation, and ways to become better leaders. I am passionate about helping others see and understand the powerful effects oh knowing oneself. I believes that individuals are capable of amazing things when they are given the rights tools and opportunities. Self-awareness and encouragement can be great catalysts for change and I understand the factors that motivate individuals to seek happiness and thrive. It is my personal mission to help people everywhere utilize their natural talents to build a happier and more successful life.


Dr. Aixa E. Fretts Mulero

Dr. Aixa E. Fretts Mulero has a Psy.D. in psychological counseling and is a provisional psychologist in Florida. She also has a permanent license as a psychologist from Puerto Rico.

Dr. Fretts has excelled in the area of psychology by participating in radio, television and writing newspaper articles. She also worked over 5 years on the Puerto Rico Board of Psychologist Examiners.

Dr. Fretts is the founder of Bilingual Counseling of Florida. She is committed to providing quality services to children, adolescents, and adults in both Spanish and English. She also conducts psychological assessment as well as assessments for immigration. Dr. Fretts specializes in helping individuals, couples, and families. Some areas of specialty include: ADHD/ADD, PTSD, anger management, behavioral issues, parenting, anxiety, depression, and marital and family issues.

La Dra. Aixa E. Fretts Mulero tiene un Psy.D. En consejería psicológica graduada por una Universidad acreditada por la Asociación Americana de Psicología (APA). La Dr. Fretts es psicóloga provisional del Estado de la Florida. Además cuenta con licencia permanente como psicóloga de Puerto Rico. La Dra. Fretts se ha destacado en el área de la psicología participando en programas de radio, televisión y redactando artículos para periódicos. Además laborò por 5 años en la Junta Examinadora de Psicólogos de Puerto Rico.

La Dra. Fretts es la fundadora de Bilingual Counseling of Florida, LLC. Está comprometida a brindar un servicio humano y de calidad en salud mental a niños, adolescentes y adultos, evaluación psicológica y evaluación psicológica para inmigración. La Dr. Fretts se especializa en ayudar a individuos, parejas y familias. Algunas áreas de especialidad incluyen: ADHD / ADD, PTSD, manejo de la ira, problemas de comportamiento, ansiedad, depresión, problemas conyugales y familiares entre otros.

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