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    Grief counseling is a specialized type of therapy that aims at helping people who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Sessions focus on assisting clients to work through their sadness, dealing with feelings of guilt, and learning coping mechanisms that can help you move forward. 

    While grief counseling doesn’t follow the same timeline for everyone, it’s not usually a long-term therapy. Grief counseling is recommended for anyone who has lost a loved one, young or old. What you can expect from grief counseling:

    • Learn to express what you are feeling no matter what that looks like
    • Help you view your relationship to the deceased person through a different lens
    • Finding a new sense of purpose after the loss and when you are ready
    • Understanding how this loss has impacted your identity

    This form of counseling works for anyone working through loss- whether it is a parent, child, spouse, sibling or friend. The counseling is focused on helping you learn about the grief process and what to expect as you cope with your loss. If you are in the process of grieving, call us today to make an appointment with one of our compassionate and empathic counselors.