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    Couples Counseling

    Do you ever feel unheard or unseen in your relationship? Is it becoming more difficult to communicate without it turning into an argument? Struggling to connect and feeling misunderstood can really take a toll on a relationship. The truth is that even the strongest relationships go through distressing times. Communication, trust, and intimacy are the foundation of any relationship, but sometimes that foundation can get rocky.

    Communication- All couples have disagreements but sometimes we can get caught up in a cycle of criticism and defensiveness with our partners. Does it feel like you are having the same conversation over and over again without reaching a resolution?

    Trust- Sometimes traumas can occur within relationships. Whether this looks like dishonesty, infidelity, or abuse, these actions may cause one to feel unsafe in a relationship. Do you find that the trust in the relationship has been lost?

    Intimacy- Do you and your partner find yourselves feeling disconnected? Maybe you are missing the passion and connection you used to share. This can leave us feeling alone even in the relationship.

    Couples counseling will help you and your partner understand unhelpful patterns, strengthen your bond, rebuild trust, and enhance emotional and physical intimacy. Within our safe space, you and your partner will be able to heal and grow together.