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    Life is difficult but this is not why we become depressed. We become depressed because our ability to deal with the difficulties gets compromised and we no longer feel like we can cope. If these feelings persist we end of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted all of the time. Depression can be extremely debilitating and interfere with every aspect of our lives.  It can also affect our ability to perform at work, school, or stay engaged in relationships.

    Common symptoms of depression include:

    •   Feeling sad, down, or “blue”

    •   Reduced interest in enjoyable activities

    •   Decreased motivation

    •   Difficulty concentrating or making decisions

    •   Feeling worthless or hopeless

    •   Feeling tired all of the time

    We can help you identify and address these difficulties as you gather insight about yourself and learn healthy new ways of coping. Through our work you will build new and positive ways of dealing with life’s challenges.