Leadership Development

I understand the principles that drive and motivate leaders to perform at their peak. I am in tune with the psychology of achievement and can help you utilize your natural talents and skills to build a more successful life. By identifying and correcting self-defeating behaviors and emotions, you will be able to achieve mastery. We will work on issues as:

•  Discipline: Learn practical ways to increase self-control as you build resilience to             reach your long term goals.

•  Obstacles: Increase awareness of what is blocking you, so you can decrease  the resistance to change and challenges.

•  Achievements: Accomplish more by taking more initiative, increasing willingness to take risks, and increasing perseverance.

•  Direction: Create more clarity and life direction by pursuing something you are passionate about and living a more meaningful life.

•  Tools for change: Develop practice strategies, techniques, and tools to change your level of motivation and the ability to create positive change.

If you want to avoid burnout and become a masterful leader, it is important to understand the role human behavior plays in determining your effectiveness.
Some individuals prefer therapy to be a part of this process and will have the ability to do so with our dual coaching/therapy approach. Drawing on my many years as a leader in both military and civil service organizations, I will help you to achieve your corporate, career, and personal goals.



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