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    My Therapist’s Book Club

    Are you looking to dive deeper in your journey of growth and self-exploration? Have you been searching for a safe space to engage in self-reflective, meaningful, and fulfilling conversations?

    My Therapist’s Book Club offers a unique experience for like-minded individuals to connect and reflect. You will have the opportunity to explore patterns of thinking and behaving that are similar to how you relate to others in your life. The book club provides a sense of community through the shared experience of reading a transformative book.

    Our Goal:

    To formulate a sense of community, establish connections, and inspire meaningful change through an in-depth exploration of a great book. This exploratory journey allows for self-learning and group support to help you apply the book to your own life.

    How this works:

    All sessions are therapist-led by Dr. Ashton Peltz and Dallas Trese, MA.

    For each book, we will meet once per week for 90 minutes for one month. This will equate to four sessions per book.

    Each session will consist of reflection questions, processing time, and real life application.

    You will have access to a private “book club portal.” This will provide you with reflection questions, discussion topics, and additional resources to help you prepare for processing.

    Groups are a maximum of eight participants to ensure each individual has the space to feel seen and heard while processing, sharing, and connecting.


    Time – along with the weekly sessions, it is recommended that you budget an additional two hours per week for reading, reflecting, and implementing. We recognize that this is a short amount of time and that life can be unpredictable. Given this, we ask that you carefully consider if this is a conducive time to join before committing.

    Energy – as much as you are able to give and whatever feels right for you and your journey

    Financial – each monthly book club is $150 for the month. This breaks down to $37.50 per session! The fee includes all additional resources, the private book club portal, and opportunity to build community with others who are on a journey of healing and change.

    Please note that it is each individual member’s responsibility to acquire the book. You will be notified of the book two weeks prior to the start date. We encourage you to utilize your preferred format for reading (e.g., digital books, renting from the library, audible, etc.).

    What if I can’t get the reading done in time?

    This is a really common concern. People are often hesitant to join a book club due to worry that they can’t keep up.

    We definitely understand that life can get busy. We have all felt worried about time commitments in our personal lives. This is a very human concern. Sometimes the things we feel like we “don’t have the time for,” are the things that are the most beneficial for our self-care and growth. As human beings, we tend to feel like we shouldn’t prioritize ourselves. However, we are here to tell you that self-care isn’t selfish! It is important and instrumental for inner growth to take place that we learn how to provide space for ourselves. Change and growth takes work, but when you give yourself that valuable time and choose to put YOU first, that’s when the real healing begins.

    If you are reading this and are thinking “This is what I have been looking for and needing” notice that, and consider challenging your “what if’s” by joining us.

    If you feel that My Therapist’s Book Club could be beneficial to you, but deep down know this is not the time to join. Be encouraged, future groups are scheduled.

    We say this as an invitation to set standards for yourself that you will show up. This space is for you. You deserve to see it through.

    If you are interested please fill out our pre-registration link: